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No wind is favorable for a ship without a destination — Seneca

Policy-makers, managers and professionals that operate in the Arts and Public Services urge to rethink the way they designed and implemented policies and managerial practices so far. The landscape where they decide and operate is experiencing a dramatic reshape as result of significant changes in the society, in the technologies and in citizens’ needs. For this reason, sectors are called to change with a clear destination, which is in the direction of innovation.

Title Fields
Title Art & Cultural Heritage

Designing and implementing solutions to innovate a traditional sector is the key challenge for this research field. 

For more information: deborah.agostino(at)

Icon Art & Cultural Heritage
Icon Education
Title Education

The study of schools and universities under many viewpoints, from students’activities to principals’ management, converges into a common analytical approach.

For more information: tommaso.agasisti(at)

Title Health and Social Care

Improving the outcomes and sustainability of the health and social care system by leveraging technological innovation, organizational redesign and digital transformation.

For more information: emanuele.lettieri(at)

Icon Health and Social Care
Icon Local Administration
Title Local Administration

Supporting municipalities and institutions in being more efficient represents a key research activity. 

For more information: michela.arnaboldi(at)