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Title Rethinking Management in the Arts and Public Services

The ReMAPS research group focuses on the strategic fields of Arts and Public Services to rethink and innovate how policies and management are designed and implemented

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Area of research

The ReMAPS research group carries on studies and researches aimed at supporting institutions and organizations, operating in the strategic fields of Arts and Public Services.


Rethinking and innovating the design and implementation of policies and management is one of key research objectives.

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Believing in the benefits of a collaborative and multidisciplinary styleis one of the main principles of the research group.


The partnership and collaboration with Collaborating with leading institutions and organizations in both Italy and Europe guaranteesstate-of-art results.

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Icon Art & Cultural Heritage

Designing and implementing solutions to innovate a traditional sector is the key challenge for this research field. 

Icon Education

The study of schools and universities under many viewpoints, from students’ activities to principals’ management, converges into a common analytical approach.

Icon Health Care

Improving the outcomes and sustainability of the health and social care system by leveraging technological innovation, organizational redesign and digital transformation.

Icon Local Administration

Supporting municipalities and institutions in being more efficient represents a key research activity.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results – Einstein